Paranormal Romance, Myths, Action, Prophesy and Adventure.

Warrior Of Atlanteon





Warrior Of Atlanteon

Lexi and her partner Chauco are the perfect duo – one of the best detective teams in town. The high-profile arrests they have made have also made them fodder for the press. Neither could have imagined the depth of the depravity they would see during their latest case. 

Beki Stewart takes you deep into the world of paranormal romance mixed with action and fantasy, a place where Lexi finds not only does the supernatural exist, but so too, might passion and even love? She will face unbelievable challenges as she navigates her path to fulfill her destiny.

From Lexi’s desire to save humanity to her becoming a victim herself, to one of the world’s most gruesome crime, to meeting beings she never dreamed existed, the book reveals that Lexi isn’t just any detective. She is what one would call the “Chosen”.




Beki Stewart

Beki Stewart grew up in both Texas and Arkansas and has lived her life in the south. She was raised as a small child on a working horse and cattle ranch.

She developed a passion for reading and writing at an early age and soon found she loved all genres of books. She wrote stories for her family to read and wrote a play for her high school class. 

Beki studies multiple languages and is extremely interested in anything paranormal. She developed her love of romance at the knee of her aunt, who passed along many romance books.

She relies heavily on her faith and loves animals and the outdoors and is an avid equestrian and gardener as well as an American patriot. She spends her spare time with her family, pets and of course writing.

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